Daily Reading

I have a book entitled From Faith to Faith: A Daily Guide to Victory by Kenneth Copeland, which I try to read routinely. One of the most recent entries I’ve read was about watching your language. Here in prison, mouths are filled with profanities. I like to joke by saying that speech is contagious (along … More Daily Reading


“Success is almost completely unrecognized by others and entirely dependent on the goal you set yourself”  – Susie Neilson   I stumbled across this quote in a magazine  while reading an article about a man who spent 13 years in prison and after being released, experienced success – something you rarely hear about on a compound – which … More Success

In Memory

I would like to dedicate this post to Mr. John Roark, a man who brought a lot of light into a dark place.  John Roark, 70, of Ocala, FL, passed away on Monday, January 25, 2016.  Mr. Roark was a man who viewed inmates equally. He sacrificed his time to share his knowledge and experience … More In Memory

Sunshine and Roses

  “There are all these books that say we create our own destiny and what we believe is what we manifest. You’re supposed to walk around with this perpetual bubble over your head thinking happy thoughts and then everything is going to be sunshine and roses. Nope, sorry, don’t think so. You can be as … More Sunshine and Roses

Adapting to the Cage

“ I remember reading once that if you have a bird that’s lived in a cage for a long time and you leave the cage door open, the bird won’t leave right away. I never understood that before.” -Chevy Stevens from Still Missing Do you sometimes think that after we adapt to a certain situation, … More Adapting to the Cage


“How is one supposed to know when to trust someone versus when to stay guarded? How is one supposed to evaluate the risk of establishing a relationship? Will it be worth it? Will I get hurt? Geesh. Who the hell knows? I think I tend to be guarded; it takes awhile for me to get … More Guarded

The Right Words

Have you ever wanted to say something to someone but couldn’t find the right words? Maybe you feared their reaction? You wonder, would they become defensive and angry or not even acknowledge the words that you struggled to get out? Would it be worth the hours it took, staring at the paper trying to express … More The Right Words